Emerging Technologies.

Introduce new technology into your IT strategy without breaking the bank. Increase productivity with cloud based business office suites. Modernize your architecture with flash-based storage arrays. Implement the latest in data encryption technologies. A new IT architecture that blends mobile, analytic and cloud technologies is emerging to increase your productivity and business competitiveness.

OEM Manufacturing.

Our OEM/Embedded Computer-based Solutions are built upon the leading-edge technologies, high quality components for a wide range of products: Software Appliances, Storage Systems, Video capture devices, Scientific instruments, Telecom, Medical devices, Specialized IT applications and all custom computer solutions. FQ offers Custom solutions from concept to fulfillment with ISO process control and thorough documents assure of consistence. All solutions are built upon Tier 1 platforms and architectures including HP, IBM, Intel, and AMD.

FQ Computing Solutions

FQ highly efficient servers with OCP defined guidelines to deliver a complete server and rack-level hardware solutions optimized for hyperscale data centers. Whether your company needs traditional hardware or has specs modeling OCP infrastructures, our team of experts combined with our unique customization capabilities will find the best server solutions that meet your technical and business requirements

Private Cloud Solutions

FQ Private Cloud solutions focus on performance capabilities and cost effectiveness. Build your data center with our OCP standard servers, customizable OpenStack-based clouds deployment and manage your networks in an agile and simple way. With more efficient datacenter technologies, your company has better access to data, resources, images, files, along with faster user managements, planning and company security policies. Total control of your data in private environment but working experience is same as in the public cloud.